Sunday, April 6, 2014

Infinite Loop

I watch this one movie and its say something about infinite loop of event. I am engrossed by the theory of one person falling from a tower. Says A almost falled from a tower. A called three of his bestfriend to help him out, pull him up. However, his friends afraid if they try to help him, they will yanked together. So, they decided to back off. A falled and safe. Come to think about wht his friends did to A, A realise that he should never tested them in the first place. Now that A knew what his friends really are, will A continue to be friend with them or ignore the good in them??

What if thats happen to you? What will you do? Will u find another friend that you can rely on when the matter of life and dead. Then you gonna falls from another tower. Same thing happen all over and over again.

This story making me think what is the reason that we being friend to someone. Its our decision to be friend with them. Is it so that they can help us one day when we need them, or is it because they have something that you dont have? I asked one of my wise friend. He said, "kita berkawan ni sepatutnya bukan sebab dia boleh bantu kita. Kita berkawan ni sepatutnya atas dasar dakwah. Kita yang pilih untuk berkawan dengan dia, tapi dia x semestinya berkawan dengan kita. Kita x boleh mengharapkan sesuatu dari kawan kita tapi kita selalu la memberi kebaikan...".

Sekian.... *apa ak merepek tetengah pagi ni*

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