Saturday, March 29, 2014


Apa korang buat bila korang stress?

Most people will take their stress on food. Me too. Plus, i have this behavior to buy anything i saw when i really stress. 

Couple days ago, i get into a new level of stress and tiredness. I had nothing to do the whole day except self reflecting and online-ing. Well, normally when i get in front of my lappo, i will certainly open an online shopping website. I almost bought something expensive that day. Thank God i manage to divert my desire and close all the tabs and sleep. If not, i already got one iPhone and one GoPro on their way to my door. 

The thing is everyone should have self-control mechanism which i dont think i have it. hahahaaa this could be one-time-regrettable behavior.

Remember guys, online shopping is fun and making your life a little easy, but u must have a self-control mechanism to divert your desire to not over-buy or maxing out your credit card. =P

Pesanan ringkas ini dibawa khas dari Aku Fikree...

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