Wednesday, February 12, 2014

This Semester

I cant sleep. I dont even feel sleepy at all. Then i started to wrote this........... in the dark. Its been quite a time since my last post. Maybe now is a good time to start over the typing passion or what the heck is this. Anywho, im wanna share something about this new semester. This semester is my last freaking semester studying in UTM. Roughly about five more month to rock this world.

I only take 14 credit hours this semester since this is my last semester. I dont remember what was the first class i enter this week..... Professional Engineer bla bla bla something like that. It blows. The subject is okay but the lecturer was the massive- massacre master. I mean, it was a two hours hell of the day. 

The next class was ermmmmmmmm Computer System and Multimedia if im not mistaken. woahoaaa i loved this subject firstly because its about computer and i loved computer. Secondly, i just like to hear all the crap about programming. heheheee However, the lecturer that handle this class was completely historical. He was like a question-machine maker. He just love to ask question. When we answer his question, ohhhh wait its not finish there becoz theres more... it was like getting punched multiple times but you cannot resist it anyhow. Hes good anyway.

Last class i had today was Image Processing class. Thought that this class would be amazing. Unfortunately, this class turns out to be awesomely great of the greatest all the time times thousand to the power of infinity. I may be exaggerated but thats how i feel. Maybe becoz there is only like 8 students in the class teaching by a very likeable lecturer which happen to be pretty cool about everything. The room that were having this class was awesome. This is the best room ever since the last 3 and a half years im in UTM mostly because of the class has tables. hahahaaa

MicroC??? Im still thinking bout this subject. I dont know if i wanna take it or not. I have to give up Image Processing if i wanna take MicroC. Big decision huhhhh.... So im decided to go to MicroC class tomorrow to see how it goes... so long... gudnite

*thank god by writing in blog makes me sleepy... =)

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