Friday, February 21, 2014

Hepi Day

Ini kisah petang semalam. I havent seeing her like ages... haha sejak kenduri kawen akak aku dulu, kami tak pernah berjumpa literally... Hahahaaa

Kami berjanji jumpa kat tasik UTM after Asr. Before Asr ak dah siap siap nak gerak. Lepas solat jer, ak terus gerak ke tasik. I brought nothing except myself and my sketching book. sementara menunggu someone that I love, i sat under a tree near the lake sambil sketching a little chinese girl main main kat depan tempat aku duduk. A while after, she texted me telling that shes on her way. I cant wait to finally meet her.

And there she is, from far i can see her walking toward where i sat, then i stands and walks to her.. chewahhh macam dalam drama la plak kannn... hahaa she was brilliantly beautiful. hehehee then we sat at the bench near to where i sat before and we chit chat, something that we missed a lot in our relationship. I feels really good to see her smile and laugh. Actually, she makes me happy just to see her. Im just hope that shes happy to be with someone as boring as me... 

Happy day yesterday.. And today, i got to sleep because i got this freaking seminar ke apa ntah kul 8 pagi ni.. huhhhh 

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