Sunday, August 21, 2011

I Love You ( Remix )

i love u,
it's not a weight that u must carry around,
not a box that holds you in,
not a standard you have to bear,
not a sacrifice i make,
not a pedestal you are frozen upon,
not my life's whole purpose(of yours),
it's not to make you change,
not ever to make you love me....
it's pure n and simple as that ..

i love you,
its a reality that i kept on myself,
not a secret,
not burden,
neither like nor adore,
it is extremely beyond of anything,
its a shade in a dark night,
its a light in a day,
its as beautiful as a shine in a morning,
its like a rainbow just after a rainy day,
its just something that everyone rarely can see,
but its there.....
as you said,
it is pure and simple as that...


abe kacak said...

jiwang karat r mg ni...

mohd fikree bin yusof said...