Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Being 27 on 22

Hi fellow blog readers,
It been quite a moment im not posting anything in my blog......

I need a time to think thoroughly for what i wanna write in here. My friends reading this post, my siblings reading my blog, and my ehem ehem digesting what i say in here.hehehe  Its a media that have no boundary. Thats why i cannot post anything sesuka hati aku in here, that would be hentam keromo and i dont wanna speculate anything matter in my life. hahahaaaaa.....

Im 22 for now and next year im gonna be 23. But there is this fellow caring people thought that im 27. Well, i assume that as a compliment. I remember the time in my oral speaking class, i gave a speech on "A Miles In Your Shoes, a journey to maturity". That time, me and my mates have to deliver the speech at KTHO, near the cafe, early morning. Thanks to Miss Naimah for giving me such grade on the subject. Maybe i implied the things i said in the speech in my routine, thats why i look older than i am. Still dont really care. Hahahhaa

Well its a good quality i think for other to see u are older than ur real age as it give advantage for respect and honor. Ive been thinking, what are 27's habit that im not doing yet... here the list :

  • Reading a paper - I am not doing it now and aint doing it also even when im 27
  • Smoking - Strictly banned from my diet
  • Married - Well, i leave it to fate and faith
  • Working - Been on internship program for like 3 months and its sucks. Im not forever 27 on 22 after all
  • Dreaming to be a millionaire - I did since i know that money is a ticket for ur future to be on Elysium
  • Parenting - Woaaaaaa....... married first
  • Dont do anything - thats basicly the thing i do now...hahhaaa
I accept that i look older than my age coz its cool. Aku ingat satu hari yang menyedihkan, ada la sorang budak ni dalam lingkungan belasan tahun la gayanyer, dia panggil aku pakcik... thats not cool kid.. Im older in my own "cool" ways, but im not that old okay..... btw, u shouldve called me abang.... huhhhhhh

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sufi said...

my ehem ehem digesting..whoaaaa..apakah.. nk kena ni.. :p