Monday, June 4, 2012

How To Treat Your LAZINESS....

hai guys...
tonight i would like to share
some tips how to treat your laziness.
tambah2 minggu stadi week ni kan...

well, first thing first,
what we need is YOU.
for sure you must be lazy, of coz.
the next thing is
you must have to be really prepared
because what i gonna teach you
will challenge your mental and physical 
next, you must be a human, 
if not, the method will be useless because
it only works if and only if
you are a genuine homo sapien,
if not you GONNA suffering from
a mental illness
so called PARAPHRENIA..

The MOST IMPORTANT things is
you MUST need a BED..
then when you have all the things mentioned,
all you have to do is
 because you are unintentionally
treat your laziness by
reading this useless, non-reliable method,
untrue, damn not-a-benefit-article-material-to-be-read,
and most stupid entry etc etc.....
g stadi nuh

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