Thursday, April 12, 2012


hi.... i know most of u guys
are having such a good holiday at home.
well actually i kind of miss all my friends
at college...
the things is, i dont have much friends at home.
i can say i dont have friends here
because every holiday i had,
i just being at home
entertain myself with lap top,
watching movies, editting and etc.
i really miss my friends at college.

even sometimes they makes me
feel terrible, making jokes on me,
make me feel bad or
intentionally make me mad,
thats because they are my friend.
no friend will make u always happy.
i believe some of u guys agreed with me.

well sometime,
when such holidays like this came,
i will miss their jokes,
their mocking, their madness,
and their hospitality the most.
well, its truth......

well guys,
i dont have a courage to say
all these to your face.
but the truth is,
i love all of my friends, so much..

its good to have such a good friends.


yaya said...

its good to hve such a good it...syukur jika ad shabat yg baik..sntiasa dgn kta dlm suka duka..tak pernh lupakn kta...

mohd fikree bin yusof said...

hehheheee baguskan.... well i had some...