Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cakap Omputih kene cap POYO n KEREK


Well guys, hope u all dont really mind if i wrote my blog in Bahasa Inggeris... do you?? hahahaa

Reason i wrote this entry..

ermmmm well.... there should be a story behind everything isnt it.... ermmm actually, there is one friend of mine kept saying this ; " poyo la kau, bajet omputih la tu.... dak kampung tak payah cakap omputih la wei", whenever i speak in english. Sometime its annoying, REALLY. But, do i care... lantaklah... Its my right to speak in whatever language i want.kan kan kan

Its not because i dont want to speak in malay. I just found that english is fun, especially when we have the dialek( dont know how to spell it - always got the problem with the spelling ). hahahaaa.... tapi ni dah lama dah...

Skang ni pun bukan aku cakap BI pon... sometime je terkeluar ayat BI... tu pon kene cap KEREK... hahahaaa i lost my braveness to speak in english... its gone bebeh... haha

well, anyway whenever u see me speak in english, just dont tembak2 saye okay... kah3 please do have a pity on me.. OKAY.... with that... TQ


afdhal shinoda said...

it's ok fikree.
i understand u..
how r u toDAAAYY?? =P

mohd fikree bin yusof said...

im fine todie(today)...heheheee spectacular...really