Friday, March 30, 2012

Tak Payah Nak Nyanyi Sangat Laaa

The night of struggling.
tomorrow i got test early in da morning.
nothing was revised,
yet i still blogging.... hahaha

a moment ago,
sitting beside the creepy window,
aku and my rumate heard someone
sang a song....
kind of annoying laaaa.
then we both thought that
the person that was singing
were our friend..
with no hesitation, i stand up
and shout " tak payah nak nyanyi sangat laaa"
over the window..
ermmmm like i was not me...

that person were not our friend.
night of terror [even worse].
malu tak terkira.... hahahaa
lucky he does not seeing my face.


anyway, to all of my beloved mates,
all da best for the test tomorrow okay....

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