Thursday, December 29, 2011

Study Week

Study Week??

Im sick of looking at the books.
Staring at all the theory and formula
that i dont even understand at all.......

My hand shaking to answer any question.
My past year left unwritten.
my A4 paper scatter on my bed.

My brain couldnt accept any more formula.
its saturated already.
nothing can get inside it anymore..

My stomach keep telling me
"fik, lets eat!!!!!!"
Im hungry ( the moment i post this entry laaa )

My bed keep pulling me harshly.
arghhh my eyes burn...
I wanna sleep ( padahal just woke up
from a long dream, no wonder laaaa)...hehe

Its STUDY WEEK guys...
what to do other than stack your face
on the tabble, messing your head
with all the confusing question,
trying your hard to solve those question and when
u cant answer it,
u started to be crazy as no one
could imagine what would be after that...

stop with the nonsense...
chow... gtg ( to study n what so eva )...


wekwek said...

fik kuat study....hahaha

mohd fikree bin yusof said...

mana ada.... wekkkk =P