Saturday, August 28, 2010

tumpang bangga gak aku dok UTM.....huhu


I am pleased to announce that UTM is placed in the top position among all higher learning institutions in Malaysia for 4 consecutive terms in the World Ranking of Institutional Repository (IR).
UTM is at position 91 among 800 World IR, beating Universiti Putra (159th world IR ranking), Universiti Malaysia Perlis (226th world IR ranking) and Universiti Malaya (233rd world IR ranking).
On behalf of the University Management Team, I would like to congratulate all UTM staff and students for this outstanding academic recognition. Let us continue to be more productive and improve our performance in a more creative, innovative and efficient way.
Well done and keep up the excellent performance!
Vice Chancellor Zaini Ujang

seram plak aku baca benda ni......aku mula terpikir...agak2nyer kenapa la aku leh masuk UTM ni....dah la kuat tidor...kah3, macam mana la aku leh jadi engineer yang berdisiplin....kui3

rilek sudah..kan kan kan

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